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Commercial properties have specific electrical demands that require specialized attention. At Bruno’s Electric, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient electrical systems for businesses to thrive. We are a commercial electrician in Azusa, CA, that offers comprehensive commercial electrical services and is well-versed in handling projects of all sizes, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

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Commercial Electrical Services We Offer

At Bruno’s Electric, we understand the unique requirements of commercial properties. Our commercial electrical services in Azusa are tailored to meet the demands of businesses, ensuring efficiency, safety, and compliance. Our electricians have extensive experience in commercial electrical systems, ensuring top-quality services.
We provide energy-efficient electrical solutions that save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. As a trusted commercial electrician in Azusa, CA, we understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business, so we complete projects on time. Our commercial electrical services meet all safety regulations and codes to keep your property safe.
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About The Company

As a reputable commercial electrical company in Azusa, CA, Bruno’s Electric takes great pride in serving the local community. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for delivering top-notch electrical solutions with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled commercial electrical services to businesses in the area.

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customers are a testament to the quality of our electrical services. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with Bruno’s Electric and how our services have made a positive impact on their properties.
Charlie Melendez
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"Manny was very professional and fair with his pricing. Worked within our budget. We are very pleased with the outcome of our new recessed lights, outlets, ceiling fan and bathroom fan installation during our renovation. Highly recommend."
Daniel Williams
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"We had a great experience with Manny. He showed up on time with a competitive bid. All the work was completed when he said it would be done. We love our new recessed lights and outlets. We will definitely call him next time."
Ginny Dean
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"Needed a unique switch and Bruno Electric located it right away and did a great/clean job with the installation!"
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"Mr. Bruno was accurate in diagnosing the electrical problem, fixed it right away. He was professional and friendly"
Senthil A.
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"Bruno came to my home to fix recessed lights where we don’t have attic access. He fixed the lights without making any additional holes on the ceiling. He did an excellent job. He also fixed issues in wall outlets and new GFCI for outside Canopy area."
Cecilia Brothers
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"Manny did a great job on our new kitchen and office! He took the time to fully understand our needs and then offered additional insight that improved the overall end result. Fair-priced and always on time! And he was tidy and cleaned up his work..."
Roberta Rubio
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"Manny was very professional, he was punctual, explained how much time the project would take, and wanted to make sure I was happy with his work. He was very open and provided an excellent suggestion in adding lights in me living room..."

Commercial Electrical Installations

From new construction projects to expansions and renovations, Bruno’s Electric, a trusted commercial electrician in Azusa, CA, provides top-quality commercial electrical installations to ensure your property is powered for success.

Office Lighting Solutions

Create a productive and welcoming workspace with our expertly designed office lighting solutions. As a reputable commercial electrical contractor in Azusa, CA, we understand the importance of proper lighting to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.
Light Installation on Commercial spaces such as a retail store to highlight the product display

Retail Store Electrical Services

For retail businesses, electrical systems play a crucial role in operations. Bruno’s Electric offers reliable electrical services tailored to the unique needs of retail stores, ensuring seamless functionality and safety.

Restaurant and Hospitality Electrical Services

Restaurants and hospitality businesses have specific electrical requirements. Trust Bruno’s Electric, a reliable commercial electrical company in Azusa, CA, to deliver electrical solutions that cater to the needs of your establishment, enhancing customer experience and safety.
A restaurant filled with various styles of lighting fixtures adding style and enhancing illumination
Molded Case Circuit Breakers in an industrial property, to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current

Warehouse Electrical Services

Warehouses have high electrical demands, and we have the expertise to design and install electrical systems that can handle the load, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Let Bruno's Electric be your trusted partner for all your commercial electrical needs.

To discuss your commercial electrical needs in Azusa, give us a call or fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation with our expert team.

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